WHAT IS AN [expi]?

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We believe that the future of life is sharing. May it be in business. May it be in leisure. Life is accelerating, we don’t won’t to wait for the reward anymore. We want to have it now. That is why we created xpshare.

  • Enjoy what you like. People are saving money all their life to finally buy something they waited for a long time. Life is short, too short for this, we believe. Therefore, we developed a possibility that you can enjoy what you love know.
  • Pay only what you really use. Imagine that you buy a boat. You are the owner, 100%. It is 100% of the time yours. You have to take care of it 100% of the time. You have to make yourself responsible for 100% of the expenses. But you use it only 10% of the time – at best. With xpshare, you pay what you really use. You pay 10%, you can use it 10% of the time, you have 0% more [Maybe we have to adjust those numbers a bit.]
  • It is better than renting. xpshare combines the good feeling of owning with the freedom of renting. The advantage is that you always use YOUR boat. Or jetski. Or holiday home. What ever it is that you are dreaming of. It is yours. YOURS!
  • Sharing is caring. People care for what they own. We help you own what you desire – and you will love it. And at the same time, you share it with others. It is a win-win-win-win-situation. Well, that depends on the numbers of [expi]s you acquire. You can also make it a win-situation by buying the whole boat.

xpshare makes it possible to live your dream now. It is new. It is smart. And it comes at really low costs. Living your dream has never been this easy. Now in Brasil.

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